Our Curriculum

We wish to ensure a curriculum which is:   

  • Broad; 
  • Balanced;
  • Coherent; and
  • Relevant

Aims and Expectations

All students will be expected to demonstrate essential skills to effectively participate in lifelong learning. 

These skills include:

• reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing in the English language;   • mathematical and scientific concepts;  

• locating, organizing, communicating and evaluating information and developing methods of inquiry (i.e. problem solving);  

• creative and critical thinking, decision making and study skills  

• work readiness skills  

• global and cultural understanding.    Each student will have the opportunity and will be expected to develop and apply essential knowledge that enables that student to:  

• live as a responsible, productive citizen and consumer within local, national and global political, social, and economic systems;

• bring many perspectives, including historical, to contemporary issues

Students will have the opportunity to develop creativity and self-expression through visual and verbal images, literature, world languages, and movement.    

School practices, curriculum, instruction and other services will be directed toward developing within each student a positive self-image and a sense of personal responsibility for:

• establishing and achieving personal and career goals;  

• becoming a self-directed, life-long learner;   

• adapting to change;  

• leading a healthy and fulfilling life physically, emotionally and socially.